Lior Akerman

Lior Akerman

Former Brigadier general (ret.)

I.S.A. (Israeli security agency), Israel

Lior Akerman, a former brigadier general, deputy head of division and a former chief of staff in the Shin Bet [ISA]. Served in a management, command, operational and intelligence positions in Arab counter terrorism division.

Mr. Akerman initiated and established the Office of the Spokesman and corporate communications, and the array of external relations of the Shin Bet [ISA]. Mr. Akerman was also responsible of the ISA relations with the Israeli government and parliament, and attended the political and security negotiations with the Palestinians, the Egyptians, the Jordanians and the US administration.

Mr. Akerman participated in all the political and security command and management processes throughout the second intifada, and was involved in some of the most dramatic investigations in Israel’s history. Mr. Akerman participated in a series of confidential secret meetings that took place over the years with the US administration, Palestinians, Egyptians and others.
Mr. Akerman built and developed the theory that deals with the “Relations between secret organizations and the media”, to be studied and implemented later by security organizations in Israel and around the world. He is also an expert in body language, nonverbal communication and influencing changes in attitude.

Mr. Akerman was Co-founder and CEO of “Atrium Group”, a company who specialized in crisis and business management in organizations and international business. For many years, Akerman Serves as a prominent commentator in the media in a variety of fields, such as: terrorism, security, Islam and intelligence. A Permanent columnist in a few Israeli newspapers, and wrote four books in recent years.

Mr. Akerman was also head of the association “Hador Bektze Haminhara” (in English “The generation that stands at the end of the tunnel”) that dealth with changes and transformations required in the Israeli governmental sector, as well as social change required. Currently, Akerman heads the “New People’s Council” initiative, which aims to change the structure of government and the electoral system in Israel, with a vision to build a stable, representative, honest and transparent government.

Akerman is a senior researcher and faculty member at the Policy and Strategy Institute (IPS) at Reichman University.

Akerman holds a BA in communications and political science, and MA in law from Bar-Iilan university, as well as business management studies, Middle Eastern studies and languages.

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