As the world of economics and finance has done with the annual meeting in Davos, our intention is to found, with the Jerusalem Ethics Forum, the meeting place for high-level exchange and reflection on the ethical and philosophical issues facing society today.

November 11-12, 2021

9:00 - 17:00

At the David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel

*Live Broadcast

The 3rd Jerusalem Ethics Forum, to be held November 11 & 12, 2021, brings together leaders across sectors to address the challenges to health equity in an era of transformative science. The practice of medicine is in turmoil, as the historic relationship between physician and patient confronts rising cost pressures amid a dizzying array of choices led by the promise of cures for diseases once considered untreatable. Technology is also accelerating at a pace so rapid that the consequences on everything from physician autonomy to patient privacy and the use of clinical trial data are largely unknown.

Leaders in medical ethics, health providers, pharmaceutical, medical devices and other health care industries, academia, patient groups and other non-governmental organizations, global multilateral institutions, and representatives of the major moral and religious authorities will gather to discuss trends in the current state of ethics awareness and practice in the health professions, industry and in government, along with identifying new approaches to make ethical standards a part of best practice, both in the laboratory and in the clinic; and in conformity with a sustainable, development-driven approach to public health.


  • Public and stakeholder opinion on ethics in health care
  • Impact of advances in medical science, including gene-based therapies and gene-editing; programmed medical devices and diagnostics; repurposed and combination drugs; and the transition from disease therapy to human enhancement
  • Adapting to big data and technology applications in health, including the use of artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning and neural networks in therapeutic decision-making
  • Health transparency and data privacy, as well as appropriate approaches to regulation
  • An ethics-based approach to quality and safety in medicine
  • Medical innovation in 2025: from pandemics to personalized medicine
  • Clinical trial ethics and rules on compassionate drug use
  • Patient rights, access to health care and medicine and the equity aspects of a well-functioning health system
  • Future of physician autonomy and impact of health services consolidation
  • Establishing leading-edge ethics standards and practices in health care organizations
  • Evaluating the rule book on ethical health behaviors at the international level: where are the gaps?
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